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Revolutionary facade cladding with solar PV cells at the Kamp C house

At Kamp C, the provincial Center for Sustainability and Innovation in construction, the 3D-printed concrete house was finished with the latest generation of solar photovoltaic facade cladding.

Smart facade with solar energy

With the installation of an energy facade on the 3D-printed demo home, Kamp C is once again presenting a world first. The surface and orientation of the roof did not allow for solar panels to be placed on it. That is why it was decided to finish the well-oriented facade with aesthetic solar panels


The facade, composed of a highly insulating and fireproof insulation system in combination with the photovoltaic facade cladding, limits energy consumption and at the same time generates energy. The façade cladding, consisting of 35 panels will generate 4,241 kWh of solar energy annually. This covers the full energy requirement of the house. As a result, the facade will fully pay for itself in the coming years.

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