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Energy-neutral construction in 2020

The EU has developed guidelines for nZEB (nearly zero-energy) buildings that oblige all European member states to develop and implement an nZEB policy by 2020. Solar energy is the inevitable link for energy-neutral construction and renovation. The current pace and design for BIPV-solar installations are insufficient to achieve climate goals.

The problem

Solar panels on sloping roofs are ubiquitous in the street scene. However, the installations are large, striking, and are perceived as ugly and disturbing. The view appears to be the most significant barrier to installing solar panels for many.

The solution

The use of smart, sustainable energy with an eye for design is imperative. In 2020, architects and developers must integrate solar panels efficiently and affordably into both the roof and the facade of the project without compromising on architecture and aesthetics.

A new view of
solar energy

Currently, the market for solar panels still mainly focuses on flat and pitched roofs. A large part of the outer shell, in particular the well-oriented facades, remain unused. Today PIXASOLAR ensures that all well-oriented roofs and facades can generate energy efficiently and aesthetically. In this way, we contribute globally to a better, cleaner world.

With respect for architecture

PIXASOLAR is ideal for those looking for a way to integrate solar panels into a project without compromising aesthetics or architecture.


The PIXASOLAR range is extensive. You can choose from various colors or textures such as natural stone, wood, marble, etc. Do you want something unique? Then you have the option of having the panels developed entirely according to your design.

zonnepaneel BIPV print

With PIXASOLAR, all arguments that could make architects and builders doubt about installing solar panels have been removed. PIXASOLAR today offers every customer the option of generating the entire energy requirement through the home's shell.

Today, PIXASOLAR ensures that all well-oriented facades, balconies, and atriums can generate energy in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing manner.


In this way, we contribute to a better, cleaner world.


PIXASOLAR solar panels are completely disguised as facade cladding. Rather than compromising on architecture and aesthetics, PIXASOLAR adds value. With custom production, you can let your imagination run wild.


Contrary to what their look suggests, PIXASOLAR solar panels are not expensive. When calculating a roof or facade with a separate solar installation, it is more costly. After all, PIXASOLAR combines the function of a solar panel with a facade cladding.


PIXASOLAR only uses high-quality, sustainable solar cells with guaranteed efficiency. Despite their unique appearance, the solar panels with ceramic print have an efficiency of 100-150 Wp / m²


Unique to PIXASOLAR is that in addition to the solar panels, our insulation panel also offers the complete solution to quickly and efficiently build and insulate the roof and facade, without cold bridges and with the required ventilation to maintain the efficiency.


PIXASOLAR is fully committed to service and support. You can count on our expertise in both the design and implementation phases. For each tailor-made project, a designer works out a case study together with the technical team. A price quotation is additionally provided with a 3D visualization, calculation of yield study. Also, we provide useful guidance for the team that has to carry out the installation.


Today, 40% of global CO2 emissions come from buildings. The impact of buildings on climate change is, therefore, very significant.

Solar yield

Worldwide electricity consumption was approximately 25,000,000 Gigawatt/hour in 2018. The consumption may seem like a lot, but in reality, it corresponds to the amount of energy the sun produces in less than one day.

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