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In the spotlight: Spa One Oosterhout (NL)

Spa One in the middle of the greenery of Landgoed Bergvliet in the Netherlands: a beautiful, impressive Spa. The complex has a smart, sustainable, and energy-efficient manner with an eye for the environment. About six hundred solar panels on the roof, supplemented with aesthetic Pixasolar solar panels on the facade, generate the energy required to meet the gigantic complex's consumption. Also, pellet stoves provide the necessary heat.

Pixasolar "green marble" cladding with solar cells is matching the building its characteristics for the facade. The combination with the white crepe is beautiful. The solar panels adorn the facade and will fully pay for themselves in the coming years!

Would you like to admire our solar panels up close? Then be sure to visit Spa One and enjoy a day of wonderful relaxation:

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